Courage to Dream EP

Courage to Dream EP is the debut EP from Kemi Bamgbose, Tim Dullaway and Friends released in July 2017.

The EP ‘full of prayers set to music’ features a range of voices & genres from soul to CCM to Latin Pop.

  1. Courage to Dream (feat. Sarra Blair & Lanre Sulola)
  2. Great Reward (feat. Anjuli Panesar Obaro)
  3. Highest Praise (feat. Chekirah)
  4. Made The Way (Adam Bird)
  5. Courage to Dream – Smooth version (feat. Sarra Blair)

Listen to and purchase the EP here.

Here is a live version of the title track – Courage to Dream.

Sing Out Scriptures: Peace

Watch these 3 short videos of sung scripture set to music on the theme of Peace. The scriptures are:

Matthew 6:34 (Don’t You Worry About Tomorrow)

John 14:27 (My Peace I Give To You)

Isaiah 26:3 (Perfect Peace)

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