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Official Release Date – July 12th.

Debut Children’s book by Kemi Bamgbose & illustrated Nada Helmy

Pre-Order ‘When Mr Mandela Came to Town’

Partly inspired by real-life events creatively re-imagined, When Mr. Mandela Comes To Town tells the story of Mr. Mandela’s historic visit to Brixton, as the newly elected president of South Africa, following 27 years imprisonment for campaigning against Apartheid.

9 year old Tinu Dos Santos takes the day off school, along with her parents and her younger brother, to witness history in the making. With thousands of people lining the streets, a strong police presence and the nation’s media watching, what happens next astounds everyone – and Tinu and her family are at the heart of it!

In addition to the story and accompanying illustrations, there is a comprehension quiz, creative activities & glossary to aid children’s learing.

The story is suitable for children aged 6/7 years and over.

Pre-Order Here.

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